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Change of Address

Change of Address

Federal regulations require you to notify Immigration of your address in the United States (on or off campus) within ten days of any change. You must have both a local and permanent address on file with Buffalo State. Your local address refers to your address in the Buffalo area. Your permanent refers to your address outside the US. 

Note: This includes updating your address during any Optional Practical Training.

Updating Your Address

  • Fill out Form AR-11 with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security within 10 days of any move.  
  • You can download Form AR-11 from USCIS and mail it to the address listed on the form.
  • Fill out student address card with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services for our files (we will give you an address card when you come and see us).
  • Notify Registrar’s Office in Moot Hall so that your information is changed on the school’s records. (The Registrar’s Office does not notify our office of any change of address that you may give them).

USCIS Form AR-11

Living off Campus?

  • Notify all others that you may receive mail from such as: utility companies, cell phone companies, magazine subscriptions, insurance companies, banks, etc. credit card companies, Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Put your name on the mailbox of your home so that the mailman knows that you are living in your place of residence.  They do not have to deliver to the house if they don’t see your name on the mailbox. If they do not see your name on the mailbox – they have no way of knowing that you live in that residence. Many times, our office receives mail that was returned to us from the Post Office saying “Not Deliverable as Addressed” “Return to Sender, Unable to Forward” “Address Unknown”

Currently Living on Campus and Moving Off Campus?

  • Fill out a forwarding address card with the Residence Life Office so that they can forward your mail.  (They will only forward 1st class mail to you).

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