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Paying Taxes in the US

Individuals working in the US are required to pay taxes to the US Federal Government and the appropriate state government on all of or a portion of their income. Employers must withhold required taxes from employee’s wages and send that money to the federal and state entities. In order to determine how much money an employer must withhold, employees must complete certain tax forms upon hire. Your employer provides required tax forms.

Filing a Tax Return in the US

Many international students in the US will need to file a tax return with the IRS each year. The Office of International Student & Scholar Services staff members are not tax advisors and cannot answer tax questions or assist you in completing tax forms. You are responsible for determining how tax law applies to you.

Tax Resources for International Students

Form 8843

Form 8843 is an informational statement required by the US government for certain nonresident aliens, including the spouses or dependents of nonresident aliens. Most international students must complete Form 8843, even if you made no income in the US the previous year.

IRS - Foreign Students, Scholars, Teachers, Researchers and Exchange Visitors

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